Duina is a peruvian company of importation and exportation of products mainly from the Andes and the jungle of Peru that was created in 2014 by Patricia Medina Méndez (peruvian) and Nicolas Ducoulombier (french).

Duina aims at ensuring seriousness in a humane and fair relationship between the supplier and the consumer.

The name comes from the combination of the surnames of the two founders, Du from Ducoulombier and ina from Medina, as well as the double meaning in the Basque language: «Right» and «Worthy«.

  • Patricia is a Food Industry Engineer with seven years experience in the commercial area and three in the logistic area in major peruvian and international companies specialized in import and export.
  • Nicolas is Project creator and Chief Project Engineer with experience of managing in various fields (systems management, environmental, events, social, etc.)

This synergy of the founders added to its capabilities, reliability and values are the cornerstones of the company; Likewise with the support and advice of a team of consultants specialized in the food, agricultural and legal area.

The main offices are in Lima and in the Basque Country, where Lima is the headquarters of supply and attracting new suppliers, while Bayonne is the headquarters for distribution in the European area.


Give the world purely Peruvian, healthy and consistent quality products, satisfying their needs and encouraging the growth of productive communities with fair trade, ensuring the sustainability of resources and respect for the environment.


Being recognized as the leader in exports and imports of purely Peruvian products to the European market.